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What is it like going to a Sociedad?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

On a recent trip to Lanzarote I went to the Sociedad in Oasis de Nazaret

The people working there spoke enough English to get by and you can of course practice your Spanish

Below is the Entrance , located on the main road as you enter Nazaret on the left hand side

Sociedad Nazaret Lanzarote

Below is the bar area

Bar at Socidad Nazaret

Hallway below as you walk into the Sociedad

Hallway Socidad Nazaret

Some dishes below

Soup Socidad Nazaret

Soup fo the Day - Bean Soup

Fish Socidad Nazaret

Fish and Chips - very light battered Fish

Goat stew Socidad Nazaret

Goat Stew .....................................

Socidad Nazaret

Salad with welks, not a dish I liked, tried it but would not order it again !

Next time you are in Lanzarote visiting the Sociedad should be on your "to do" list!

You can see the Sociedad by clicking on any of the images above

More information can be found at

The menu can be found at

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