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Well done Lanzarote!

Current situation in Lanzarote in detail

The Island has moved down to Level 3 with optimism that Level 2 is not far away,

The numbers below are amazing .........................

Current active cases - 121

Last week - 285

Two weeks ago - 432

Three weeks ago - 774

Four weeks weeks ago - 929

In hospital - 18

Last week - 25

Two weeks ago - 44

Three weeks ago - 54

Four weeks ago - 54

In ICU - 11

Last week - 14

Two weeks ago - 17

Three weeks ago - 19

Four weeks ago - 21

In home isolation - 103

Last week - 260

Two weeks week - 387

Three weeks agao- 623

Four weeks ago - 875

Note : Lanzarote - 38 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days (Last week 70)

UK by comparison is 89 (Last week115)

Vaccination programme in the Canary Islands - Supply is becoming a serious issue for the Islands, if the target set by the Spanish Government of 70% of the adult population is to be vaccinated by the summer. Currently only 2.49% (Last week 2.37%) of the population has been vaccinated (Both dosages)

The Ministry of Health is planning to start mass vaccination in Spain and the islands in April, as the supply of the vaccines is scheduled to increase dramatically, and there will be a volume of trained people available to administer them

Vaccine passports - Lots of articles in the media this week with the EU stating a vaccination passport allowing international travel (For EU countries) will be ready “in time for summer”, according to Angela Merkel, and “within three months”, according to EU Commissioner Ursula van der Leyen following virtual summit of EU leaders.

Spanish tourism minister Fernando Valdes has stated his country could go-it-alone with the UK and establish a travel link between the two nations if the EU scheme fails to materialise.

The UK Government is also hopeful an agreement can be reached to kickstart tourism and international travel.

Key dates going forward

March 26 - Expected date when the Spanish Government will review entry requirements from Non EU countries

April 12 - UK government's Global Travel Taskforce will reconvene to issue a report recommending how international trips can resume safely.

May 17 - Hopefully the date International travel might recommence

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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