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Go for a walk in Lanzarote!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote walks

Lanzarote has lots of sandy beaches around the Island. Such is its proximity to Africa's Sahara Desert, whose grains are carried by the wind over the Atlantic.

For the island's Malpais de la Corona on the north of the island which the volcanoes shook up all those thousand of years ago. A straightforward 90-minute hike takes you from the village of Yé to the heights of the Volcán de la Corona.

The coastline of Lanzarote is over 113 miles long. Starting at Playa Blanca and heading in the direction of Punta Gorda before turning around when you reach it's a 23.5km-hike. A shorter trek's the 17km-there-and-back walk from Salinas de Janubio to Punta Gorda.

An alternative to the coastal walks are found inwards to the Island. For the best views, head to Peñas del Chache. This peak measures a height of 670 metres above sea level !

One of the most accessible walks from the resorts is to the top of Montaña Roja. Red Mountain affords excellent views of Playa Blanca below. And whilst it's a step up from a walk in the park, it's a largely unchallenging trek which will suit novice walkers

Visit any beach on Lanzarote and you'll invariably see locals walking back and forth along the length of the beach. For a less monotonous exercise experience, trek along Lanzarote's celebrated Papagayo beaches. Some say Lanzarote's most breathtaking stretch of shoreline.

Begin your hike at Rubicon Marina's car park in Playa Blanca. By walking a total of 10.1km (6.3 miles), you'll reach Punta de Papagayo and back. Walking on mellow yellow sand overlooked by the imposing Los Ajaches mountains.

You can find some free walking guides by visiting our website at

Note- Wherever you walk take good comfortable shoes/boots (not flip flops!) and a bottle water plus sun screen!

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