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Have a wander around Teguise

Teguise, whose history as the islands capital until 1852 can be seen in the castle, historic homes and wide, cobbled strreets. The town was declared an architecturally historic site in 1980.

Above the town of Teguise, is a 16th century castle, the Castillo de Santa Barbara, which was built to protect Teguise against the pirates who were a menace in the seas around the Canary Islands at this time. In the 17th century its size and fortifications were increased, many people invaded or “visited” Lanzarote including Sir Walter Rayleigh - It is now a Pirates museum and is also dedicated to the Canary emigration to the Americas. Other evidence of the pirates can be found in Teguise is the street called Calle de la Sangre or Street of Blood!

A new free guide has been published which can be found via the link below

Note: Unless you want to visit the largest market on the Island avoid Sunday, many of the shops are closed Monday - Don't forget to visit Jonnie Bakes for a coffee while you are there!

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