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Tierra y Mar in Oasis de Nazaret

Tierra y Mar in Lanzarote

Recently went back to Tierra y Mar, the restaurant in Nazaret (just off the main road going into Nazaret) and I had the above as a starter!

It is called "Broken Eggs" ......... and the Eggs are not broken!, the portion is large enough to share, besides the unbroken eggs, there is chorizo sausage and potato

Had Black Angus steak for a main course, probably the best steaks we have had in Lanzarote

I know you would normally drink red wine but we had some Bermejo Vino Blanco Seco - you have to try it!


Overall we had great service and a great meal!

If you want to visit, just check the opening times before you go

......... you will not be disappointed

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