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The Lanzarote Roller Coaster continues.....

Since the update last week.............

On December 19 Tier 4 was introduced in England, which does allow overseas travel, the same as Level 3 and 4 in Scotland, Alert level 4 in Wales, while in N.Ireland it seems you can still travel abroad

On December 21 the Spanish Government announced the suspension (restriction) of UK flights except for Spanish citizens or residents -this was to come in effect from December 22 at 18:00 hours

On December 22 the Spanish Government announced the "restriction " on flights will extend for 14 days until 18:00 hours on Jan 5 2021

What will happen on Jan 5 2021........three thoughts come to mind

  1. The Spanish Government will extend the "restriction"

  2. The Tier 4 in England gets extended to other areas and similar for Wales , Scotland and N. Ireland

  3. You will be able to fly to Lanzarote!

Hope you have a Merry and Safe Christmas and 2021 is a better year for all of us!

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