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Teguise ... more to it than you think!

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Teguise consists of five primary areas, which may surprise you........

Villa de Teguise

The town "Villa de Teguise" has gone through the processes of restoration and rehabilitation, being declared Historic-artistic and for those who pass through its streets can see it is one of the oldest places in the Lanzarote. In Teguise there's the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Spinola Palace and the Convent of Santo Domingo. In addition to the history, it is an ideal place for shopping, roaming and drinking coffee and cake - The best place for this is "Jonnie Bakes" - make sure you find it - Note it is closed on a Monday

On Sundays, the town of Teguise becomes the largest market on the island. The "Mercadillo" is an ideal place to get a souvenir or gift from Lanzarote. You can find crafts, art, decoration, textiles and gastronomic products. Definitely a place to visit to spend an interesting morning.

In Teguise you can also visit the Museum of Pirates, formerly known as the Museum of the Canary Emigrant. The Castle of "Santa Barbara" has changed its name through the centuries, but still a great place to visit

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Costa Teguise

The town of Costa Teguise is one of the most popular tourist destinations for its accommodation, the quality of its services and its quiet beaches. Its waters are preferred for those who like windsurfing and water sports, however the family can also spend pleasant moments with the children on beaches of calmer waters. The most famous and visited in Costa Teguise are Las Cucharas Beach, Los Charcos Beach, El Jablillo Beach and Bastian Beach. In Costa Teguise the sports offer is varied, with a golf course, a water park and many handball and tennis courts


In Tahiche you can find the house of the individual responsible for the most emblematic works, arts and structures of Lanzarote: the César Manrique Foundation. Manrique's work can be seen all over the island and his intention to combine art and nature perfectly.

Caleta de Famara

La Caleta de Famara is another "must-visit" A site famous for the traditional fish restaurants This town belongs, like the island of La Graciosa, to the Natural Park Chinijo.

La Caleta de Famara is an extraordinary place to contemplate the sunset, when colours dye the walls of the town and highlight the amazing Famara Risk. Famara Beach is also a special place, where the sand, when there is low tide, takes center stage and serves as a mirror to the sky.

Lastly there is Oasis de Nazaret

A quiet inland residential Canarian village with splendid views of the mountains. The village is home to Lag o Mar, designed by Cesar Manrique and once owned by Omar Shariff – it is now a restaurant and museum, which is built into the hillside.

Oasis de Nazaret is also where Villa Antonio is located….. a place to relax & unwind!

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