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Still Go,Go,Go for Lanzarote

Lanzarote is go

Here we "Go" with the update this week - lots of things to report............

From the nice people at Lanzaroteinformation.com

"The press in northern Europe have been running some pretty wild stories about the increase in Covid infections in Spain, and while the mainland has had a few clusters, here in The Canaries our numbers remain very low.

Our problem is those papers and the governments see the islands as "Spain," and of course we are part of Spain, but geographically we are very remote, so it would be good if we were considered separately. It's causing concern for many people with holidays booked here.

To give you the up to date picture, we only have 11 active cases on the island, and all are isolated. More importantly, we've had no transmission of the virus within the island for many weeks. All the cases have been from people arriving here, and all have been contained and controlled. There aren't many safer places in the world."

Travelling to Lanzarote

As previously mentioned an On-line form needs to be completed 48 hours before arrival in Lanzarote

More info via the link below


Summary of arrival process at Lanzarote

There are three steps on arrival:

1/ Your temperature will be taken – either via infra red scanners or hand held devices.

2/ You’ll need to present a QR code which is issued on completion of a form prior to travel.

3/ You will be observed by medical staff.

You must complete the On-line form mentioned above, prior to travel, which declares your health situation 48 hours before travel and gives authorities here your contact details. Once completed, you will have a QR code, which you can present at the health desk on arrival here.

You’ll be expected to wear a mask inside the terminal.

You’ll go through temperature scanners to see if you have a fever, and you will be observed by medical staff.

If any of the three steps are a cause of concern, you’ll be asked to move into an isolation area, where you will be given a test for Covid 19. Assuming you test negative, you will be allowed on your way. If you test positive, you will be transported to isolation accommodation that has been set up for the purpose.

Mask Wearing

The rule here is that you must wear a mask when you cannot socially distance to 1.5 metres. In practice, that means in shops and on public transport, or anywhere else you cannot keep 1.5 metres from other people.

This applies to children aged 6 years or over, and is recommended for those aged from 3-5 years

The wearing of masks in shops is compulsory. Do not try to enter a shop without wearing one.

You don’t need to wear masks in bars and restaurants – you’ll be seated at a socially distanced table. If 1.5 metres social distancing cannot be maintained when entering or leaving, or visiting the toilets, you should wear a mask while doing so.

You should ensure you have a mask with you at all times just in case you arrive into a busy street or area.

Returning to UK

You must complete this form before you arrive in the UK. You cannot submit the form until 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK.

You’ll need to show your completed form when you arrive at the UK border, either by printing a copy, or showing it on your phone.

The government will use this information to contact you if you or someone you’ve travelled with develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.

More info via the link below


Feedback from Karen & Mark who are staying at Villa Antonio

"We've now filled in the immigration forms. There is no need to print them as we have saved them on our phones and it says that's OK.

I don't recommend trying to fill them in too early as they are difficult to retrieve when partially completed. Leave until 48 hours before travel! "

UK Goverment

The next review of foreign travel regulations will be on Monday July 27, the government confirmed after a list of ‘safe’ countries not requiring 14-day isolation on return to England was published, which includes Lanzarote (Spain)

What is open?

Beaches are all Open

All major Tourist attractions are open

Bars / Restaurants - Circa 65% open in Tourist areas (more opening daily)

Supermarkets - All open

In Arrecife - 100% open

Weather............... Just great!

Weather Lanzarote

Keep well / Keep safe

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