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Special unique tour of Timanfaya National Park...... "The Insolita experience"

Today we went on a unique tour titled "The Insolita experience" that took us to areas that are usually closed off to visitors around "Ruta de los Volcanes."(Timanfaya National Park.)

We were booked on the 9:30am tour at a cost of €38 (Normal entry is €12 ) and advised to arrive 30 mins before , the entry process is a little chaotic , (definitely an area of improvement) - We were also recommend to wear flat and comfortable shoes.

You ride on a coach which takes you to areas not seen on the standard tour and includes one stop where you can get out and take some amazing pictures

Compared to the normal tour route , we would say you go a further 75% with the " Insolita experience"

When you come back , you are then taken to the original restaurant (Closed off to the general public)- see photos, a small place where the internal walls are very hot and was the main reason why the new restaurant was built

Along with the normal tour you are shown the geysers: and burning hay etc

The tour finishes off with a drink and some local food , included in the price

The whole tour takes about 90 mins

Is it worth taking " The Insolita experience" ?

We would say yes , definitely if you have not visited Timanfaya National Park before

Rating out of 10

...... 7 out of 10

Trivia fact- "Timanfaya" is in fact the name of the village engulfed when the volcano erupted , so in fact "Timanfaya: no longer exists!

When we left the entry queues were we believe were 90 mins long!

To learn more and how to book, click on the link below

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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