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Signs of Optimism...................

An article published in The Daily Telegraph this week wrote about the need for a holiday......

“Without having a proper break, the balance between what we have to do and the things we do simply for fun and enjoyment can fall out of whack. This can lead to negative emotions like anger and low mood because we're not getting any of the mood-enhancing psychological benefits these breaks provide.”

Breaking news this week ..................

I have seen some horrible slides shown from the UK Government briefings, however the slide below gives me real hope when the Top 9 Vaccine groups have been completed - expected by April

Current situation in Lanzarote

The Island is still on level 4 lockdown, as the number of cases went over a 1000 mainly due to family and friends meeting up over Christmas and New Year

-Current active cases - 929

-In hospital - 54

-In ICU - 21

-In home isolation - 875

Track and Trace in Lanzarote

The 36 strong track and trace team have been achieving amazing results, tracing the origin of 85% of all cases on the island. On a single day in January, they tracked 115 cases, making more than 1200 phone calls.

If you want to book a "no-risk" holiday at Villa Antonio why not have a look at what dates are available via the link below


Keep safe

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