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Options of Internet / Wifi in Lanzarote - Updated

Updated: Mar 15

Internet wifi in Lanzarote

Update - We have got used to using your mobile data in Lanzarote as if you were back home in the UK, it is all changing especially if you are with EE, "3" or Vodafone - more info at

O2 -Have stated " We have no plans to introduce roaming charges" - Important to check your plan allows you to roam in Lanzarote as you were in the UK

One of our most read Blog posts was the options of Internet / Wifi when living on the island, which if you are interested can be found at

This time we go through the options while on holiday, which is vital for many people to remain "connected"

Things are much better now EU law demands there are no extra data roaming charges in the EU ( Does not include UK mobile contracts) including Lanzarote - more information can be found at

However this allows you to use your data allowance while in Lanzarote, this still could be restricting and expensive!

Other options

Use the Internet / Wifi where you are staying

Suggest you check if there is a cost and the speed as fibre is a very rare thing in Lanzarote!

At Villa Antonio the Internet / Wifi is of course free, we recently had an upgrade and get a speed of circa 50MB which by Lanzarote standards is excellent - our previous provider was Telefonica with a speed of 2MB

mifi lanzarote

Use a Mifi Dongle

These can be purchased for under £20 in the UK, ideally buy one that is unlocked so you can use any network , shop round for the data sim which is needed to connect to the Internet

Rent a Dongle in Lanzarote

This way you know it will work locally , the downside is the cost, an example provider can be found at

Personal Hotspot

If you have a great data allowance with your home provider, you may wish to use your smartphone as a personal hotspot - Many phones have this capability, if you would like to see how it works with an IPhone instructions can be found at

Connect where you eat and drink

This is great but please do not abuse it -one bar we were visiting, they checked how many people were connected to there Internet at that moment, it was 46 ......... there were only 6 people drinking in the bar!

Enjoy yourself but keep control of your data!

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