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No more mobile roaming charges in Lanzarote!

No more roaming charges in Lanzarote

On the 15th June 2017, a new EU law has come into effect which gives all EU citizens to “Roam like you were at home." For most people who visit Lanzarote, it means you will be able to take advantage of the excellent 4G coverage while on holiday here.

The new law means you can enjoy the same benefits, in terms of speed and amount of data, as you do at home, without paying more for the privilege.

If you have a contract with a mobile operator which includes roaming, it will automatically be considered as a roam like at home contract. The default option for all new mobile contracts with roaming services will be roam like at home. – We suggest you check with your provider before you come to Lanzarote and use Wi-Fi whenever you can

While on the Island this is the text message we have been receiving from Vodafone....

“You're probably expecting a text about roaming charges - but no! You're in one of our Roam-free destinations, so you can use the inclusive minutes, texts and data from your plan to stay in touch with friends and family back in the UK (or in SPAIN) at no extra cost. Even better, you've got an extra 2GB of roaming data to use too. For info & terms see “

Bottom line this is good news

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