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More to Teguise than the market....

Teguise has the best and largest market in Lanzarote but there is so much more to find and do!

Before we go any further a great place for lunch is El Patio washed down with the excellent Bermejo wine

Teguise was the old capital of Lanzarote from the first half of 15th Century to the second half of the century (circa 1852), want to learn more ...........

You can find an overview of Teguise and a Walking tour guide via the link below

We have also published our "Top 10 places to eat in Teguise" (We found El Patio after we published the Infographic!) it can be found via the link below

Have you been to the Emporium Teguise - the old cinema?

You can learn more via the link below

Tip - If you intend to explore Teguise we suggest you avoid Sunday (unless you want to go to the market!) and Monday as many places are closed

Availability at Villa Antonio

The only space we have in 2022 is Dec 13 to Dec 26 with lots more availability in 2023

You can check availability via the link below

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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