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Mobile roaming in Europe after Brexit

If you are with EE and you travel to Europe for a holiday or business be careful in relation to using your mobile phone

EE have re-introduced EU roaming charges the next time you renew your contract or upgrade your phone

What about the other 3 major operators............?

Voadafone - "We have no current plans to change our approach to roaming in the EU"

O2 -" We have no plans to introduce roaming charges"

3UK - "Following a review of our fair use policy, we are making some changes to our Go Roam policy in the EU to bring it in line with our Go Roam Around the World fair use policy. This means from July 1 our fair use limit for data while in the EU will reduce from 20GB per month to 12GB.”

Top Tip - If you do or plan to travel internationally you might want to check out the 3UK " Roam Around the World "plan........It lets you use your call, text and data allowance in 71 destinations around the world (including USA) at no extra cost

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