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Have you tried a tapas called puntallitas?

It is sometimes called Tip Toe" or you may know it as Baby squid - it is tempura battered with a piece of lemon or lime, complimented by the local white wine

puntallitas - Villa Antonio Lanzarote

We would say the other classic tapas you should try are

Gambas al aljillo:

If you love prawns and garlic, Gambas al aljillo is the tapa for you. Fresh prawns fried in sizzling garlic infused olive oil with red pepper flakes.

Papas Bravas:

Translated into English, Papas Bravas means brave potatoes, named because of the mild sauce that accompanies chunks of deep fried potatoes. Do not be put off by the name, as the Spanish do not in general like spicy dishes and on a heat scale Papas Bravas are on par with a mild to medium curry.

Defiantly worth a try!

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