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Lanzarote your a Star!

Four weeks ago Lanzarote had over 500 active Covid-19 cases

Three weeks we reported that number had reduced to 196

Two weeks ago the number of active cases is down to 159

Last week the number was down to 101 active cases

This week ............................ only 59 cases!

24.9 cases registered per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days

Source: Cabildo de Lanzarote

How are the rest of the Canaries getting on?

Registered per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days

Gran Canaria - 28

Tenerife - 55

Fuerteventura - 18

Canary Islands in total - 37

Source: CVcanarias

Note: For the UK Goverment less than 20 is the magic number

There has been much reporting this week that there will be Covid-19 PCR tests for tourists, at origin and destination, in order to create safe tourism corridors for the winter season

However I feel there are still a few open questions.................

When will it come into effect?

Rumour Nov 1 for Germany

Who will pay and how will the test take place at Origin?

How is not I feel a major problem as there are Private companies already in place linked to the major UK airports

Who will pay (Circa £150) is still an open question, the options are The traveller, The airport, The airline, The Canarian Government ....... or a mixture of them all?

Destination PCR test - It has been stated the Canarian Government will arrange and pick up the cost , the open question is.... will this reduce the current quarantine period to 7 days or Zero?

Watch out as Oct 22 is the next Travel advisory for the UK Government

Keep well / Keep safe

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