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Lanzarote update

villa Antonio corvid update

The UK Government travel advice to Lanzarote remains unchanged , despite many rumours / news reports an announcement is imminent.

Ryanair continues to fly.

Jet2 - You can book with them from August 10 onwards ......... do they know something we don't????.

In a surprising move, it was announced this week, The Canary Islands government has signed a deal with insurers AXA to provide insurance cover for all visitors, foreign and domestic, visiting the islands, which guarantees to cover medical costs if they contract Covid 19 while on the islands, as well as covering the costs of extended quarantine periods, and if necessary, for health repatriation

The cover guarantees medical expenses, health repatriation and prolongation of stays by quarantine related to Covid-19, to comply with a mandatory confinement as a result of a positive test. The stipulation is that travellers must not know they have Covid prior to travel.

This is not a full travel insurance policy and only covers expenses relating to contracting Covid 19 while on the islands. Travellers are advised to continue to use their EHIC cards for emergency treatment ( as Travel Insurance from the UK would not be valid)

Lanzarote remains extremely safe with currently 7 reported Corvid 19 cases, none in hospital

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