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Lanzarote update........

The Transport Secretary announced on 7 September 2020) the introduction of a more targeted approach to travel corridors by separating some islands from mainland countries. This means an area that presents a higher or lower public health risk to UK travellers can be assessed separately to the rest of the country.

We need two things to happen for Lanzarote......................

  1. The number of total active cases in Lanzarote to reduce

  2. The number of total active cases in the UK do not rise to levels where the Spanish Government may prohibit UK visitors, that would be ironic!

The Covid-19 numbers in Lanzarote are up and down over the last few days - Currently there are 560 active cases, only 12 are in hospital, none in ICU, and more testing than ever is being done. Feedback is showing "The Lanzarote track and trace app" is working well

Lanzarote is desperately hoping the travel ban will be lifted for the October half term / winter season

However, if you want to see more of Lanzarote, beyond the resorts, enjoy getting in a car and exploring the island, like local culture and the cuisine, and visiting places with few people and the best of winter sun, then get your bags packed and come over now!

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