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Lanzarote.... look to the future!

I say look to the future, as currently it is very tedious for everyone!!!!!!

If you would like to look forward to a holiday (I do!) we have now published pricing for 2022 and already have taken bookings!!!

Why not have a look .................

Availability and Pricing can be found via the link below

Back to what is happening now..........

-Jet 2 announced they have suspended flights until March 25 2021

-The Spanish Government have announced they have extended the ban of flights from the UK to February 2

- Lanzarote goes into Tier 3 effective midnight January 15

What does this mean?

- Travel into and out of Lanzarote is not allowed, except for justified reasons

- Curfew from 22;00 until 06:00 - This means you must be home by 22:00

- You can only spend time with people from your own household with the exception of dining then a maximum of four people

- Only four people allowed to sit at tables in bars and restaurants and service limited to outside tables only

- No Sports activity allowed in indoor areas

- Outdoor sports can only be carried out individually and a distance of two metres from others must be maintained

Keep safe and roll on the vaccine!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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