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Lanzarote latest... the facts as we know them

Trying to cut through the confusion and speculation, the facts as we see them are as follows

Note: Important to remember both your home country and arriving country needs to allow travel / visitors, this could be described as a "handshake"

Spanish Government

On April 30 the Spanish Government extended the rules for temporary restrictions imposed on third-country nationals entering from 30 April to 31 May - therefore you will not be allowed to enter Spain before this date

There is no further official news on what will happen from May 31

Canary Islands Government

On May 6 the Canary Islands Government confirmed all restrictions shall remain in place, with a review on May 13

UK Government

Canary Islands are on the "amber" list for travel - The traffic light list will be reviewed every 3 weeks

The Governments of Wales, N.Ireland & Scotland are expected to make announcements soon

Irish Government

On May 3 it was reported Irish Ministers here have been reluctant to give an exact date for the return of foreign travel, although they have indicated it's likely to happen "later in the summer".

Vaccinations in the Canary Islands

It has improved to where 9.4% of the population has now been vaccinated

The Canaries have capacity to vaccinate 25,000 people a day, the latest rate is 10,700 per day of which 60% is Pfizer and 30% is AZ

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