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Lanzarote latest............

After a period of stability, we are now entering a period of change, below it what we know and we try to highlight what needs to be clarified

Spanish Government announcement on Nov 27

Changes to entry rules into Spain - effective Dec 1 to Dec 31 on (Including the Canary Islands) in response to (COVID-19).

From 1 December, all arrivals into Spain (Including the Canary Islands) from the UK (excluding children under the age of 12 years old) must present proof of vaccination.

Area of clarification required - In the UK People aged 12 to 18 only have one vaccination and therefore do not have proof of double vaccination required to enter Spain (Including the Canary Islands)

UK Government announcement on Nov 27

To enter the UK a Day 2 PCR test will be required (Not an antigen/rapid test) and you must self-isolate until you get your result. (This will be reviewed in 3 weeks time) Tip - you are able to take your test as soon as you arrive in the UK and send it back to the designated lab, we use Dante Labs - and the test sample can be sent back in a "Priority post box" which operate every day including Saturday / Sunday, to find your nearest "Priority post box" click on the link

Area of clarification required - When does this come into effect?

Canary Islands Ministry of Health announcement on November 18

Due to rising Covid-19 cases Lanzarote moved to Level 2, on November 22

What does this mean?

- No change to entry and exit requirements onto the Island

- Bars and restaurants must close at 2am, and can use only 75 per cent of their terrace. Internally, they are only allowed to use 50 per cent capacity (was 75% in Level 1), with a maximum of eight people sitting at the same table, so it is worth booking ahead

The levels are reviewed every 2 weeks

Hope this helps - Keep safe everyone

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