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Trying to cut through the confusion and speculation, the facts as we see them are as follows

Note: Important to remember both your home country and arriving country needs to allow travel / visitors, this could be described as a "handshake"

Spain - UK is on the list of countries outside of the EU that Spain allows to enter the country, including the Canary Islands without a need for a PCR Test - Germany has stated they "would like" UK travellers to be quarantined wherever they arrive in the UK. Currently this is decided at a Country level in the EU

Also you no longer have to do a Rapid/Antigen test on arrival at a Tourist registered (Legal) Hotel, Villa or Apartment if you come from a low risk country (as the UK is categorised ) and have been fully vaccinated, you can read more from those great people at Lanzarote Information about this and if you have not been vaccinated at - https://lanzaroteinformation.co.uk/covid-testing-protocol-for-tourists/

Outdoor mask wearing in Lanzarote is due to end on June 26, mask wearing will still continue on public transport and in indoor public places

Vaccinations in the Canary Islands

It has improved to where 33% of the population has now been double vaccinated, (It was 9.4% five weeks ago) - 80% of people in their 50's had at least one vaccine

Active cases

In Lanzarote this is currently at 90 which equates to 53 cases per 100,000 in the last 7 days

Unfortunately Tenerife has 1099 cases which equates to 261 cases per 100,000 in the last 7 days

UK is currently 98 per 100,000 in the last 7 days (Gov.uk website)

UK Government

Canary Islands stay on Amber ......... next review July 15

Those people who are double vaccinated will not need to quarantine ......." later in summer" no date commitment yet

Ireland - The `Irish Government announced they will allow travel from July 19 and adopt the EU COVID-19 certificate to help citizens move more freely across the EU including Lanzarote

If you are in need of a holiday Lanzarote and Villa Antonio would really welcome you

You can check availability for a risk free holiday via the link below


Lanzarote is waiting for you!

The wine in the picture is Bermejo,it is not good, it is very good,

look out for it next time you are in Lanzarote!

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