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Lanzarote is Go.. Most of UK is Go!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote

Travellers from England, Wales & N.Ireland no longer have to self-isolate on their return...........(Scotland should follow shortly?)

The FCO travel advice has been updated, so Travel Insurance is now valid to travel to designated countries including Lanzarote (Spain) - Suggest you contact your own Travel insurance provider for any exceptions

The extract below is from an on-line forum

"We have just arrived from the UK. We completed the forms before we left and had the QR code (see note below)on our phones. We were concerned about seating on the plane but we had the row to ourselves which was a relief and everyone wore masks throughout.

Upon arrival the process was normal up to passport control but once through here you then had to either present your QR code or fill in the form. From there we were guided through towards the carousels via a couple of ladies who took our temperature. -Then everything was as normal.

Masks are obligatory throughout the airport and on any form of public transport.During your stay if you go into a shop you will need to wear your mask and the shops provide disposable gloves which must be worn too.

Make sure you have a mask with you at all times just in case you are stopped by the police! Not sure how likely this will be.

This all may seem like it could spoil a holiday but apart from the shops you are able to walk around without a mask, go to the beach, have a meal/drink out and just enjoy the beautiful weather!"

Note: For more info on the On-line form / QR code just click on the link below

To remind you what Lanzarote has to offer I found this video this week

If this makes you feel you want to visit Lanzarote and want to check out availability at Villa Antonio ,

just click on the link below

Keep well / Keep safe

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Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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