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Lanzarote is Go!

We have defiantly arrived in the "new normal" in Lanzarote............. and Lanzarote is waiting for you!!

As long have you are fully vaccinated*

*Fully vaccinated if coming from the UK is doubled jabbed and if your 2nd jab was more than 270 days ago you will need a Booster jab

Villa Antonio is also waiting for you - we only have two weeks left in 2022 and 2023 is now starting to fill up - you can find the Villa Antonio availability chart via the link https://www.villaantonio.co.uk/availability


Some horror stories can be found on people not being to board the plane as their passport has "expired" - It is very very confusing as the rules vary by country!

So rather than try to explain we have found a great list by country that explains it all from those nice people at Money Saving Expert - https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/passport-renewal/

Lanzarote free guides

We have lots of free guides on Lanzarote which can be found on our website at


Car hire in Lanzarote

This is one area where it not yet "normal" in Lanzarote - The Car hire companies returned lots and lots of cars during lockdown and even now there is still a shortage

The top tip is book your Car hire as soon as you book your flights!

You can check our car offering via the link below


What makes it different ?

All inclusive rates, no queuing when you arrive, you will be met at the airport

and escorted to your car, which will be approx 50 mtrs away!

Note :The charges we state are per week - it is fully comprehensive, you may see cheaper prices advertised but check to see if they include all insurance (no excess)- Additional drivers/Booster seats for children at no extra cost - and just return with the same amount of fuel when you collected it, no silly fuel surcharges

We can also arrange delivery to Villa Antonio if you prefer or maybe you just need an extra car just for a day

The drop off is also only 50 mtrs from the terminal........

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