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As reported by Montefuego.TV Media Lanzarote

"The flight schedule for autumn 2022 makes it abundantly clear: Lanzarote has managed to almost get back to the level of 2019 and this despite the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, Air Berlin and the global standstill in recent years.

With a total of 566 weekly flights, Lanzarote has returned to 95.9 per cent of its 2019 level (590 flights).

This tremendous achievement is almost entirely due to the loyalty, fidelity and continued expansion of connections to the UK.

With 157 flights currently, UK provides more than half of all international flights to Lanzarote (57.2 per cent). The dominance of the British guests becomes apparent when one sees how far behind the other destinations currently are. Ireland, for example, ranks second with 32 weekly flights, ahead of Germany with 19 flights.

After the Canary Islands government tried in vain during the last two years of crisis to persuade the 'North American millionaires' to visit the Canary Islands (see:, it has actually been the British who, despite Brexit, make up the backbone of Lanzarote tourism.

For Lanzarote, the loyalty shown is the living proof of the high attractiveness the volcanic island has for guests from the UK and also from Ireland. "

Footnote: It is quite clear how important the UK Tourist is to Lanzarote, where nearly 60% of all flights originate from the UK and next is Ireland with 11%, so circa three quarters of flights come from UK and Ireland

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