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Lanzarote opening

All EU citizens can now travel into Spain, including those from UK and Ireland, but excluding those from Portugal. There is no requirement for self isolation.

The three criteria which will apply to anyone arriving into Lanzarote from abroad:

1. They will have to complete a form on arrival with full details of their recent medical history and their full contact details while in Spain.

2. Their temperature will be taken on arrival.

3. They will be observed by medical staff on arrival to check for potential Covid symptoms.


The UK Government is still advising against all but essential travel, and you will be required to self isolation for 14 days on return,

Note Your travel insurance may not be valid if you choose to travel against the Government’s advice.

EHIC Card (An EHIC card gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in an EU country)

I have been checking on the use of the Card for UK citizens

"During the transition period of "Brexit" - You can continue to use your EHIC during this time, as you did before.

What's next?

The UK Government is investigating the use of "air bridges" or "travel corridors", air bridges would allow tourists between two countries to visit without needing to quarantine.

The first countries potentially on the list could include Spain, Italy, France

The current 14 day quarantine for arrivals into the UK is due to be reviewed June 29

So "hopefully" next week it will be confirmed we can travel to Lanzarote

We will keep you informed

Keep well / Keep safe

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