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Lanzarote facts...........

Lanzarote facts

Those great people at Lanzarote Information recently published some interesting facts on Lanzarote

Here they are .....................

  • The average temperature on the island was 20.6 degrees

  • Rain fell on 78 days

  • Total rainfall was 142.7MM

  • The total population was 149,183

  • 22% is the population is foreign, with 5,908 Brits leading the way

  • The average population including visitors is 209,184, so on an average day there are around 60,000 tourists on the island

  • In terms of people living in each municipality, the order is Arrecife, Teguise, Tias, San Bartolomé, Yaiza, Timajo and Haria.

  • There are 5113 businesses registered on the island, an increase of 1,000 since 2010

  • More than 4,000 of them are in the service sector, with 424 in construction, 161 in industry and 100 in agriculture

  • There are 3,700 hectares used for agriculture, around half of which is for vines

  • There are 10.878 people unemployed, down from over 17,000 in 2012

  • The average stay on the island is 7.8 nights

  • Just over 3 million tourists visited Lanzarote in 2018

  • The top three countries were UK (1.4 Million) Germany (421K) and Ireland (291k)

  • There are just over 3000 bars and restaurants on the island, a third of them in Tias

  • The top three official attractions in order were, Timanfaya, Jameos del Agua and Cueve de los Verdes

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