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Lanzarote / Covid the facts as we know them.......

There continues much speculation in the press and on social media, I thought I would try and state the facts as I know them today

Number of Covid-19 cases in Lanzarote

The number of active cases in Lanzarote is now 86, which translates to 40 cases per 100,000 , The UK in comparison is 37 cases per 100,000 (For info Scotland is 49, England 37, Wales 21 and N Ireland 38)

The graph (14 day average) shows how good a job Lanzarote (orange) has done versus the Canary Islands

Vaccination programme in the Canary Islands

The programme is still stuttering with 5.1% of the population now vaccinated, hopefully there will be a step change soon

The Canary Islands have capacity to vaccinate 25,000 people a day and the daily average is 1575

Announcement today from the UK Secretary of State for Transport

-He confirmed a traffic light system will be introduced

-Which countries will fall into which category will be published early May as well as confirmation whether international travel can resume from May 17

-Further formal reviews will take place on June 28, July 31 and October 1

-Early May it will be confirmed what tests etc will be required for each category, everything you read about now is pure speculation

Forecast of which country will be green, amber and red

Paul Charles from the PC Agency is publishing a weekly traffic update on what popular countries will be green on May 17 - His latest forecast is below

Spain continues to have discussions with UK on a Covid-19 passport / certificate

UK government's Global Travel Taskforce will reconvene to issue a report on April 12

Keep safe ......... things are getting better!

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