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Lanzarote/Covid-19 The facts as we know it.......

Trying to cut through the confusion and speculation, the facts as we see them are as follows

Note: Important to remember both your home country and arriving country needs to allow travel / visitors, this could be described as a "handshake"

As of now

- Spain has officially added the UK to its list of countries outside of the EU that are allowed to enter the country, including the Canary Islands, for non-essential reasons including holidays as from May 24. You will still need a PCR test and locator form to enter the country, and abide by UK rules when returning home,

- UK / England has put Spain including Lanzarote on the "Amber" list , Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland have very similar lists

Ireland has a Government advisory against all non-essential international travel

The current status of the UK FCO "advises against all but essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks". - This means your Travel Insurance is valid for visiting the Canary Islands

Of course always check with your own Travel insurance provider

Latest info

EU Commission

EU ambassadors for the 27 member states of the union have reached an agreement on Wednesday to allow vaccinated holidaymakers from outside the EU, including the UK, to visit countries in the bloc from June 1st. Ambassadors recommended that rules should be changed to allow non-essential visits into the EU by travellers who are fully vaccinated, in other words those who have had both doses of a two-dose vaccine or one in the case of the Janssen vaccine from "white list" countries

Note: This has yet to be approved by the member countries plus member states may announce there own plans

The EU "white list" - Countries outside the EU who will be allowed to travel into the EU - The UK is currently not on the "white list"


The UK ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliot, stated “we have received an official request from the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands to see if they can be considered in a different way from mainland Spain, and we are studying this as we speak, and we are looking in detail if the particular circumstance of the Canary Islands allows a different decision due to the islands geographical location."


The next key date for when the "Red, Amber, Green" travel list is reviewed and due to be published is June 7 ( Track record shows this to be between June 3 and June 7


There is much published about the cost of UK Government approved PCR tests, the best I have seen are

Eurofins - £44.90

Randox - £60

Collinson - £61

TUI - £20 only for certain holidays booked direct with Tui

Vaccinations in the Canary Islands

It has improved to where 14.9% of the population has now been vaccinated, (It was 9.4% two weeks ago)

Keep safe everyone

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