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Lag O Mar - You need to visit at least once!

Last time I was here was 12 years ago!

Similar to the Cactus Garden , a wonderful place to visit for an hour , have a coffee and take some special photos

If you want to read the review on the Cactus Garden click on this link

Back to Lag O Mar - at the moment they offer coffee and cake and hope to have Tapas on the menu soon - what a location to have Tapas


A British developer, Sam Benady, wanted to build a house that would inspire others to buy places in Oasis de Nazaret. The quarry house was designed by Jesús Soto. Soto was an artist who worked closely with Cesar Manrique on several projects in Lanzarote. He designed it to evoke the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights tales. Like Cesar Manrique he also respected the environment and tried to include as much of it as possible in the architecture.

In 1972, Omar Sharif was filming “The Mysterious Isle” in Lanzarote. He visited the unfinished house and loved it so much that he bought it on the spot. However, it didn’t last long as legend dictates he soon lost the house to the same Sam Benady at cards. Though an exceptional bridge player himself, it seems that Omar Sharif did not know the British developer was the European Bridge Champion at the time.

The house was developed by the two architects that bought it next in 1989. They used natural materials like wood beams from the local shipwrecks and also developed an oasis inside the rock structure. They brought local flora like palm trees, aloe vera plants, bougainvillea flowers, and cactus plants to sweeten the rock.

This is what you see today encompassed as a Museum - Entry is €6 , as always check opening times

As we said ........... you must visit at least once!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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