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Is Lanzarote safe?

amazing Lanzarote

You decide?

Arrival in Lanzarote

-You have completed your On-line travel form 48 hours before departure

-Once you have gone through passport control ( while still airside) your QR code from the travel form is scanned

-If OK, you then have your temperature checked, if OK you go to collect your baggage and start your holiday

-If your temperature is high, they check it again, if still high , you remain airside to have a Covid-19 test and while you wait for the result you remain in a Government location

-If OK, you leave and start your holiday

-If the test shows positive for Covid-19, you will be quarantined for 14 days in a Government location

Arrival in UK

-You have completed your On-line travel form 48 hours before departure

-When you arrive close to Passport control , you are asked have you completed the On-line travel form, if you have you say "Yes", this is handwritten on a Clip board ( no check, nothing)

-You go through Passport control in the normal way (Public transport/Stay in a hotel) and you are expected to go home and start your 14 quarantine period



-Clear legally binding rules

-Enforcement and fines in place by Police


-Mainly guidelines

-Limited enforcement / fines

Track and Trace


Proactive Track and Trace system including Tracking App (As mentioned in last weeks newsletter -


Track and Trace performance circa 34%, Revised App on Trial, no launch date published


Of course Lanzarote is a much smaller population, however it seems they are doing a great job keeping people safe


Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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