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How to spend an afternoon in Costa Teguise

There are many places to visit in Costa Teguise, this is just a suggestion, one thing for sure, you will have some good drinks, great views ............ and it will be just relaxing & entertaining!

We suggest you start of at The Tick Tock Bar in the square, maybe a glass of wine, a melon G&T or a Tick Tock Tickler ....... they are all very good - see picture,

Tip - For a snack try the fully loaded Nachos

From there go to the "Fuel Stop" and if you are lucky get to sit in one of the best seats with a view!

Try The Farmara wine, there are 3 different types, we like the blue label the best!

After you have relaxed the afternoon away, maybe you need a cocktail, there are some great places to drink a cocktail, our favourite and we think the best is Vali - just check out the reviews on Tripadvisor

Tip - as with all the places check opening times ..... Vali for example is closed on a Saturday

Now is the time to finish off the day, so why not head for The Shamrock Bar for some great food and entertainment twice nightly!

Wherever you go enjoy yourself and keep safe

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