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How to find "cheap" flights

The price of flights are going up ....... so it pays to shop around

Here are our Top Tips on finding the cheapest flights

Flexibility is your best weapon

Appreciate this varies from person to person but different dates/ days/ airports will help you get a better price

Price alerts are key

These can be set up on Skyscanner and Google flights (we explain more on Google flights later)

Be prepared to take a week or so to book your flight, some many of us want to book our flights immediately

Mix and match to save money

You don't need to use the same airline for outbound and return and if you have used public transport (or a friend) to get to the airport, consider flying from different airports for outbound and return

Some airlines are helping

Wizz Air - They have a Discount out club which usually offers an extra 15% off flights - try their "fare finder" for the best fares

Jet2 - They now have an option to select 3 airports at the same time to find the best fares

Note - All airlines use Dynamic pricing software, so as demand for flights increases so does the fare , the same goes for, nearer the departure date, the airline takes the view if you are wanting to booking say 7 days from now , you need to fly and the price is secondary

Always check fares as soon as they become available ( which varies by airline so you need to check when the airline intends to publish there schedules) as they usually have some special fares to harness interest

Google flights

With Google Flights, you can quickly search for inexpensive plane tickets without using any tricky techniques

We have found a great article on Jack's Flight Club on "how to use Google flights to find deals" - You can read it via the link

Note - It is also good to check out Skyscanner to search for bargains - They now offer a flight booking tool , it seems to us they are using eTraveli an on line agency from Sweden, yet it seems the fares to have a 5% mark up when you compare with Google flights or Skyscanner

Spend your time and we are sure you will find some bargains

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