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Have you been to the Tanit Museum ?

Tanit museum

The Tanit Museum, declared a centre of Cultural Interest a few years ago, it is located in the old cellars of a traditional 18th century Lanzarote's house, in the heart of the island, in the village of San Bartolomé.

You can take a tour to understand the originalities of Lanzarote, an island that rises from the ashes of a volcano and takes advantage of its surroundings.

The curiosities exhibited in the Tanit are references to pottery, agriculture, customs, costumes and everything related to the history of the period. The custom made art in this gallery that invites to learn more about the history of Lanzarote.

The Tanit Museum, founded by José Perdomo and Remi Quintana, preserves and shows the ethnographic heritage, as well as developing a wide cultural work with activities to spread and enrich the culture of the island.

They have a Facebook page -áfico-Tanit-de-Lanzarote-232731615906/

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