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Have you walked Volcano El Cuervo?

Volcano El Cuervo

Some recent guests kindly submitted a Blog post

This is the walk into the volcano that is included in the Villa Antonio 10 best things to do in Lanzarote. It's the ideal walk for couch potatoes – not hilly and can be completed in just over an hour, including stopping to admire the views. Fairly easy to find but not signposted.

Take the LZ-30 towards Yaiza then turn onto the LZ-56 towards the Timanfaya Volcano Park. Look out for a car park on the left after a couple of miles. There should be other cars there as it is pretty popular. Once parked the path to the volcano is easy to find.

Although this is an easy walk go prepared. The path is gritty so wear walking shoes or trainers; flip flops are definitely not recommended.

You will need water and it is very open so take note of how windy it is. This sounds like your mother talking.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to the volcano where there is a circular path. Go left to walk right round the volcano which takes about 40 minutes, we think. Go right and the way into the centre of the volcano is about 5 minutes away. It's a truly amazing sight and It's not every day you can say you went into the middle of a volcano

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