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El Grifo wine tour plus some interesting facts

We recently went on the El Grifo wine tour - €15 per head includes guided tour, visit to the museum and wine tasting - You can book on line at

Anne was our tour guide , extremely knowledgable and definitely worth a visit, the vine in the background of the picture below is over 100 years old

Interesting fact- no watering

To gain the Vinos de Lanzarote Designation from the Origin Regulatory Council the vines can only be watered from rain/moisture no human intervention is allowed

Interesting fact- only grow 10% of requirement

El Grifo only grow 10% of it's requirement, the rest it buys from local growers

Interesting fact- Two primary sales channels

One channel is direct to restaurants and public via the Bodgea , the second channel is the supermarkets - Both channels get a good El Grifo wine, however the best is saved for the restaurants and Bodgea - We bought 6 bottles at a very reasonable €12.50 a bottle

Interesting fact- Bumper year

This year (2021) was a bumper year for the harvest, in the case of El Grifo it was a 1,000,000 kg - a normal year is 750,000

Interesting fact- If you do not release the pressure

Below you can see what happens if you do not release the pressure from the tanks!

Our favourite wine from the wine tasting?

This is El Grifo semi dulce - the only wine we have seen packaged in a box!

Our 6 bottles are waiting for us below!

The Bodega wine shop is open to the public , no need to book a tour

If you like wine we suggest you go on the El Grifo wine tour!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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