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Catching a bus in Lanzarote

I recently had the opportunity to use the bus to get to and from Costa Teguise

What I learnt / tips

  • The fare is €1.40 from Oasis de Nazaret to Costa Teguise

  • The largest bill they accept is €10, anything higher and you do not get on the bus

  • Better to get to to the Bus stop 10 mins early

  • The Bus stop is situated on the main road by the Sociedad

  • The Bus stop is a request stop

  • Be careful to request / get on the right bus , there is one to Arrecife a few minutes earlier

  • It is a very direct route

  • The bus stops are announced in Spanish when on the bus

  • Again they are request stops , the buzzer is on the hand rail

  • The return bus can be from the same place where you are dropped off, so worth checking!

  • Last bus back is around 7pm , taxi back is circa €14 plus tip

  • Timetable below

Bus in Lanzarote

Worth a try ........ a little adventure

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