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Casa Museo del Campesino

Below is the second of four pots kindly submitted by some recent guests

If you visit the Monumento al Campesino (the sculpture made out of old water tanks) or even just drive past make sure you explore the whole site.

First there are some shops selling products made by local artisans, everything from cheese, wine, lace, wood carving and clothes. Good for gifts.

You can even have a go at making something.

We made fools of ourselves trying to sew a Rosetta. Great fun if a bit embarrassing. There's a large sunken room reached through a tunnel that was being set up for a wedding when we were there. Quite spectacular.

FInally you should try the small restaurant. It serves mainly tapas but where else could you get octopus stew or a sea bass baguette!

We tried the fried squid which was excellent.

Casa Museo del Campesino

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