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  • Villa Antonio Lanzarote

A walk from the villa to the old capital Teguise...... keep your eyes open!

Walk to teguise

Leave Villa Antonio and walk to the roundabout. Cross straight ahead and walk uphill until you meet the main road.

Cross the road, directly opposite red STOP sign, and follow the wide footpath to Teguise. En-route you will sample varied flora and fauna.

Prickly pear cactus, aloes (covered in white snails), grape vines varied wild flowers and shrubs, plus the opportunity to see what the locals are growing in their fields and gardens.

Possible birds include the hoopoe (a rare visitor to England,) the shrike, and egrets.

These 3 birds have also been spotted in the garden of Villa Antonio

All these photos (more below) were taken on this walk by guests - thank you

In a Blog post in the coming weeks , recent guests will tell us about their favourite place to eat in Teguise

........ I intend to try it out on my next visit!

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