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A secret Bodega.........

Secret Bodega Lanzarote

On a recent tour with "Wine Tours Lanzarote" we went to "Bodegas El Tablero", a Bodega you would not find on your own

Below is a map showing where it is situated, to help further, you travel on the LZ-30 to "the Geria region" , go pass the Rubicon bodega, make sure it on your left, otherwise you are going the wrong way!

About half a mile further on the right hand side will be a sign by the road "Wine/Vino" , take the track and in the distance ( 100 metres ) you will find the secret Bodega. The picture below shows what it looks like from the road

Secret Bodega Lanzarote

Bodegas El Tablero

Open every day, besides some great wines you can try and buy, you can also sample the goats cheese in four flavours

- Pepper

- Paprika

- Smoked

- Curry

The people are really friendly

Below in some more pictures of the secret bodega

Secret Bodega Lanzarote

Hope you enjoy this secret bodega as much as we did

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