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Must read before you travel to Lanzarote

Effective immediately, in order to travel to Lanzarote, or any other part of Spain, passengers must complete an FCS health control form online.

This form is designed to enable the Spanish authorities to contact you if the need arises and to check your recent health history.

  • This must be completed 48 hours before travel. (some parts can be done in advance, but the health questions will become available 48 hours before you travel.)

  • One form per passenger is required.

There are several sections, which include:

  • Personal information,

  • Contact information,

  • Details of the trip

  • and a health declaration.

Once you have completed and digitally signed the form, you will be emailed a QR code. You can keep the code on your phone, or print it.

You must have this QR code to enter Spain, and it will be required as part of the health screening process on entry.

All passengers, from whatever country, and regardless of age must complete a form and obtain a QR code.

Below is the link for English version of the on-line form to be completed

Or download the app - "Spanish Travel Health"


Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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