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Latest information - June 5

This will be the last "Coronavirus update", in future they will be titled

"Lanzarote Back on Track"

The State of Alarm has been extended until 21st June. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez secured the necessary votes to extend the state of alarm, and agreed this will be the final extension, taking all regions to the “new normal” on 22nd June

Spain’s tourism minister said in an interview this week that each countries Coronavirus situation will be the deciding factor on when they will be able to travel to Lanzarote. She went on to suggest that currently Germany & some Nordic countries look to be in the best situation. Asked specifically about the UK, she said the health situation there “would need to improve.........”

All Canary Islands airports will have thermal imaging cameras installed to detect passengers running a fever. The devices will be in both the departures and arrivals areas.

Keep well / Keep safe everyone

Latest information - May 29

The great news is the last Covid 19 patient left

Arrecife hospital yesterday!

A fantastic achievement for everyone on the Island

Lanzarote is now in Phase 2, which means.......

  • Masks are compulsory in indoor public areas and outdoors if it is not possible to maintain two metre social distancing.

  • People under 70 will be able to carry out their sports activity at any time of day except between 10am and Midday and 7pm and 8pm, those slots being for those over 70. They can do so in groups of up to 15 people, maintaining social distancing if not from the same household.

  • Beaches will open for swimming and sunbathing between 10am and 6pm, with strict social distancing and showers and toilets closed.

  • Restaurants and bars and hotel restaurants and bars will be able to open for indoor table service, to 50% capacity with strict separation between tables.

The Spanish Government Health Spokesman Fernando Simon suggested that the first stage of opening up to international markets will be to restore freedom of movement within the EU Schengen area, (Note:The UK has never been in the EU Schengen area) and Spain is working with its European partners for a common set of rules. Beyond that, countries will be added “taking into account the incidence of Coronavirus in each country.”

Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto went on to say that a further requirement would be that each country’s border controls and travel restrictions would also have to be lifted prior

to allowing any travel to Spain

(Note: the FCO currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel and therefore

travel insurance would not be valid

Bottom line - Progress but watch this space,

we wish we could be more certain!

Latest information - May 22

There have been 2312 cases of Coronavirus on the Canary Islands, and 155 people have died.

The islands have one of the lowest infection rates in the world.

Lanzarote has had 85 cases and has had 6 deaths

69 year old Lanzaroteño,

71 year old German man

80 year old British man,

80 year old Canarian lady

74 year old lady

84 year old lady.

Of those 85 cases Lanzarote has had, 76 have been cured and 6 have died, meaning there currently have 2 “active” cases, and both are in hospital.

Lanzarote has now gone 14 days without any new infections, despite hundreds of tests being carried out each day

The Canarian government has applied for Lanzarote, and the other islands currently in phase one, to move to the next stage, phase two, of the de-escalation from lockdown from Monday 25th May.

I was surprised to read a transcript from the Spanish Transport minister, which an extract can be read below ( Note: I am not sure if this an official view or a personal view of the minister)

Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos said that keeping the country healthy is the most important thing before allowing the tourism industry to kick into gear again.

"As soon as we Spaniards can travel to other provinces, foreigners will be able to come to Spain," he told TVE ( The State TV channel )

He continued: "From late June, we'll start the tourism activity, I hope.

"We must make Spain an attractive country from the health point of view."

Abalos went on to say: "It is consistent with the phase-out plan. We can't allow foreigners to travel while the Spanish population is confined."

Last week, The Association of Hotel Chains (ACH) and the Hotel Business Federation of Majorca (FEHM) began talks with a number of tour operators across Germany, Ireland, Austria and the United Kingdom such as TUI, Alltours, FTI and Schauinsland and Jet2 about reopening the resorts for the summer season.

Keep well / Keep safe

Latest information - May 15

Only 3 active cases of the virus on the Island

As from Monday Lanzarote entered Phase 1

The key points are

-Free mobility within the island to travel to buy food, visit shops or bar and restaurant terraces.

- People from the same household can travel in cars together. Maximum nine people, if the car has nine seats.

​- Friends and family, up to a maximum of 10 people, can meet up in the open air or at home, respecting a social distancing of 2 metres.

- Restaurants and cafés can open their outdoor terraces to up to 50% capacity. Two metres between tables, and maximum group size of 10. Table service only.

Phase Two – This could happen May 25

-Restaurants and bars will be able to open for indoor table service, with strict separation and up to a capacity to be decided.

-Shopping centres will open, again with controlled numbers.

-Events can take place with a limit of 50 people indoors and 400 outdoors.

-Some children will be allowed to return to school on a voluntary basis.

Sadly no update on when Lanzarote will accept International visitors

Latest information - May 8

Lanzarote has now gone fourteen days with no new cases.

There are only five people currently in hospital

To get a view of when International visitors can visit Lanzarote, here is an extract from the CEO of Spain-holiday.com

"The Spanish economy relies heavily on tourism (about 21% of the economy), and the Spanish government is keen to open for summer if possible and is getting pressure from regional governors like Canary Islands and Andalucia. Plenty of great people, Spanish and permanent residents, rely on tourism to feed their families - bars, restaurants, shops.

For International visitors, for those considering the summer, it is likely that July will be a possibility and August and September will be likely. Many Spanish festivals are being moved to August & September.

Hotels might not be allowed to have open pools/common areas but this doesn’t apply to Holiday Rentals.

Holiday homes present an opportunity for people to enjoy Spain/Canary Islands safely in July, August and September while staying away from the crowds."

Lanzarote is currently in Phase 0,

which means the following

  • Retail businesses of under 400 M2 may open by appointment only. One client per employee. Over 65’s only between 10am and midday and 7pm and 9pm

  • One daily walk is permitted between 6am and 10am or 8pm to 11pm for those over 14, accompanied by one person from the same household, within 1km of home.

  • For adults 70 or over, the times are 10am to midday or 7pm to 9pm.

  • For children, their walk is between midday and 7pm for one hour, accompanied by a parent. Maximum three children together. Dogs may be taken

  • As an alternative to a walk, citizens can do a solo sports activity within their allotted hours, staying in municipality and not driving to the start.

  • Professional athletes can do individual sport at any time, within municipality.

  • Restaurants can open for pre-ordered take away service only for clients to collect

  • Businesses must be thoroughly cleaned twice per day, fitting rooms after every use.

  • Bathrooms in shops and stores should not be used

  • Apart from food and essentials, travel within municipality, unless impossible to get what you need, then nearest municipality.

  • Masks compulsory on public transport.

Everyone is hoping "Phase 1" will be introduced on Monday but will be subject to the status of how "Phase 0" has effected incidents

In this phase......

  • Small retail businesses of under 400 m2 will be allowed to open, with strict social distancing measures and to a maximum of 30% capacity.

  • People from the same household can travel in cars together. Maximum nine people, (if the car has nine seats)

  • Hotels and some tourist accommodation will be able to open, with communal areas remaining closed, initially only to citizens from within the region.

  • Friends and family, up to a maximum of 10 people can meet up in the open air or at home, respecting a social distancing of 2 metres.

  • Restaurants and cafés will be able to open their outdoor terraces to up to 50% capacity. Two metres between tables, and maximum group size of 10. Table service only. Strict hygiene rules to be observed by bars, disinfecting tables after each client, washing staff clothing daily etc.- Many of the entertainers on the Island hope they can start working again

  • Outdoor markets on public roads will be able to open. 25% of the usual number of stalls and visitors limited to 30% of the usual number.

  • Agricultural and fishing activities will restart.

  • Religious sites can re-open to a maximum of 30% capacity.

  • Public transport increase, with a strong recommendation that anyone using it wears a mask.


Latest information - May 1

Below is a simple table on the phased changes to the Lockdown

Lanzarote lockdown

For the first time since 14th March, from May 2, adults will be allowed out to get some exercise

These rules that take effect from midnight on May 2nd for people 14 years or older:

  • A daily walk with a person from the same household or a dependant, a maximum of 1KM radius from home

  • OR

  • Individual sport – run, bike ride etc, but this must be done alone and remain in the area you live You cannot drive to start your exercise.

The activity has time slots and you can stay out for the complete slot if you are an adult. For children, they are limited to one hour:

  • For most people, either between 6am and 10am or between 8pm and 11pm

  • For people taking a dependant person (caregiver) or for those over 70 years, they can go out between 10am and Midday or 7pm and 8pm

  • For children under 14, accompanied by a parent, their walking “slot” is now midday until 7pm, but only for one hour, with one parent and up to three children from the same household

The timings are aimed at keeping the three groups of people apart

Slow progress but moving in the right direction..................

Latest information - April 29

Below is an translated update,

which was published today

The President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announces in a press conference the measures for de-escalation approved in the meeting of the Council of Ministers today.

This is an overview of what he has announced:

Sánchez makes clear that there will be no fixed dates for certain phases of the de-escalation, decisions will be made every two weeks, and each phase will last for a minimum of 2 weeks, more if necessary. Everything will be gradual and coordinated. All will depend on the evolution of COVID-19.

The phases will be the same in every region/area/territory of Spain, but will be taken at different speeds depending on the evolution of the virus.

The de-escalation will be 4 phases. We are currently in phase 0.

If all goes as planned, Spain will be in the ‘new normality’ by the end of June.

Currently, movement between regions/provinces/islands in Spain will not be allowed.

On May 4th the de-escalation will begin in some islands such as La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Gomera in the Canary Islands or Formentera in the Balearic Islands, which will go directly to phase 1. The other territories will have to wait until May 11th to see if they can jump or not to that phase.

Phase 0: Preparation and planning. Certain businesses will re-open with an appointment system. Restaurants will be able to prepare ‘takeaways’, in which customers can collect their order. Exercise and walks, with those who you live with, allowed 2nd May, maybe with staged time slots, etc. More details to come.

Phase 1: Open small businesses. There will be schedules/time slots for elderly. Terraces of bars/restaurants 30% capacity, always with sufficient social distances (at least 2 metres). Hotels and tourist accommodation can open (under certain measures, e.g. no common areas allowed open), also 30%. Religious sites can open, 30% capacity, always with sufficient social distances. Funerals permitted (under certain measures). The use of masks in public transport will be highly recommended.

Phase 2: Inside of restaurants/bars can open, 30% capacity, social distancing, only table service. Schools will re-open in September for most students, but different measures will be taken for those with children under 6 years old, in which both parents work, also there may also be measures for re-enforcement classes for those most vulnerable students, also for EBAU students, bachillerato, etc. Cinemas, theatres etc may open, 30% capacity, social distancing. Also expositions and meeting rooms. Religious sites 50% capacity.

Phase 3: Easing of movement between different territories. Restaurants/bars 50% capacity, social distancing.

When there is a BOE (official government document) released, we will work on translating and publishing it. Within that document there will be more specific details. Regarding the walks/exercise for the rest of the population, we hope that more specific details will be published this week by the government and we will translate and publish.

This is all the information we have currently, announced live in a press conference today 29th April by Pedro Sanchez, President of Spain.

Latest information - April 24

The lockdown has been extended until May 9 (was April 26)

There has been some u turns on the next step in relation to children, who up to now have not been allowed out

The terms under which children (under 14) will be allowed outdoors from 26th April is as follows

They can go out with a parent with whom they live, for up to one hour each day between 0900 and 2100. They are not allowed to visit play areas, and must stay within 1KM of their homes, and not meet up with people from outside the household.

The Canarian government has also put forward to Madrid parliament, a package of measures they would like to implement

from 27th April.

This is based on the fact that the islands have the lowest incidence of the virus in Spain.

The proposal (this is only a proposal) is for 4 stages, over 4 weeks.

Stage 1 - Adults without children will be able to leave their homes on alternate days and at specific times. They will also be able to exercise, within 1KM of their homes and again at certain times. Some shops will be allowed to open.

Stage 2 - Includes more shops and gyms being able to open, access being permitted to beaches and second homes permitted.

Stages 3 & 4 - Include opening restaurants to 50% capacity, and then hotels, again, at low capacity, together with inter island travel. As each stage is completed, any increase in virus cases will be monitored, and a decision will be taken on whether to move forwards or back to the previous state.

There is no information at this stage as to when the islands will open to international visitors - sorry

Keep well / Keep safe

Latest information - April 18

Lanzarote is still on lockdown until April 26

It is extremely likely it will be extended until May 10 , with some slight easing of conditions

The number of new cases in Spain (including the Canary Islands) has been coming down

Lanzarote has now gone five days without

any new cases of Covid 19

coronavirus Lanzarote

The question many people are asking is

"When can I go to Lanzarote?"

Sadly there is no firm answer, however we must consider

  • When will the virus be under control in UK / Europe?

  • Will there be a reliable test for travellers to make sure they don't carry it?

  • Will there be some kind of "health certificate system?"

Let's just hope we all keep well and it will be soon

On a lighter note......

You now can go on a 3D visual tour of Castillo de San José

It is worth a look - just click on the link below


Latest information - April 11

The Spanish government have extended the lockdown for a further 14 days to April 26

The rumour is that the lockdown maybe extended to May 10

Across the Canary Islands, a total of 1834 have been tested positive and 92 have sadly passed away.

703 people have been admitted to hospital and 138 have required ICU care.

322 have been discharged from hospital as cured.

Tenerife remains the hardest hit island, with 1140 cases,

Gran Canaria has 441, La Palma 68, Lanzarote 63, Fuerteventura 36, La Gomera 7 and El Hierro 3.

On a lighter note.........

One member of the Ska Duo is performing live from his Living room on Sunday April 12 at 4pm then on

Tuesday at 2pm (His Birthday)

If you have time ....... just search on Facebook for

"Anthony Lanzarote"

Time to relax and listen to some live music

Latest information - April 4

In the last 24 hours, The Canary Islands have had 46 new coronavirus cases confirmed – this is the lowest daily increase since the 18th March, however it is felt mainland

Spain has not yet hit a plateau

The Lockdown continues , currently to April 9 ,

however the feeling is it will be extended

On a lighter note ............

Two people have been fined for being out of their house and walking their dogs .... they weren’t, however, dogs.

One man has been fined 2000 euros for walking his chicken on a leash and the other 600 euros for walking

her tortoise on a leash.......

The guilty parties are now trying to find a lawyer to represent them, on the premise that they are emotional support animals!

Latest information - March 29

The President of Spain announced yesterday the lockdown

has been extended to April 9

The total number of cases in Lanzarote is now over 1000