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Go on a tour with Photo Safari Lanzarote

Photo safari Lanzarote

I recently been on the "Sunset Tour" with Photo Safari Lanzarote

What is a tour?

From their website

In a small group (and in a comfi, air-conditioned vehicle!) we´ll share our passion for and knowledge of Lanzarote with you. If you´re a seasoned photographer you´ll uncover secret hidden gems to inspire your creativity ... and if you´re new to photography you´ll soon pick up the ropes

under our expert guidance!

They have fours tours

  1. North Photo tour

  2. South Photo tour

  3. Sunset tour

  4. Ghost ship tour

I have been on the first three tours, you learn a lot about your camera, go to places you have not been to on the Island and most of all it is really enjoyable

You can learn more by visiting their site


If you would like to see some of the photos I took (Photoshop was not used),some are taken with a Crystal ball in front of the camera

Click on the link below


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