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Tips on Car hire in Lanzarote

Car hire from Villa Antonio Lanzarote

Many people hire a car when they go on holiday to Lanzarote.

There is no doubt this is the best way to get the most from your holiday, however when choosing a hire car company here are some tips

  • Ensure it offers - Zero excess, some hire car companies sting you with a high excess or try to sell you some insurance

  • Ensure it offers "return what is in the tank" on Fuel, some hire car companies will sell you a full tank when you pick up the car

  • 2nd driver - Ensure it offers this for free - it should be, only one person drives the car at a time !

  • Booster seats - Ensure this is offered for free - safety should not cost you anything

  • Unlimited mileage - Most offer this but we know of one Car hire company which does not

  • All inclusive rates - Choose a company which is upfront on the charges, so when you pick up the hire car there is no hassle

  • Avoid the queues , some Car hire companies will personally meet you at the Arrivals Hall, it beats the having to queue after a 4 hour fight!

  • You may wish to search on TripAdvisor for "Car Hire Lanzarote" there are pages of horror stories on two particular Car Hire companies

  • Other tips

  • Driving License - Don't forget to bring this along with your Credit card but also take your license with you in the car as this is a requirement - We have been stopped once, so this along with the Hire car company agreement must be in the car!

  • Roundabouts - Watch out, the discipline is a little different in Lanzarote!

If you are interested what Car Hire from Villa Antonio Lanzarote has to offer please click on the link below

or have a look at our You Tube video

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Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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