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Have you landed here in Lanzarote?

We came across this picture of the Guacimeta passenger terminal, on a wall in a restaurant and it got us thinking when this was taken.

All we can say for certain, is that it was prior to March 3, 1970 as this when a new passenger terminal was opened along with a control centre.

In 2002 it became an Aviation museum. The museum provides a comprehensive and detailed insight into the history of aviation on the island. There are a number of audio-visual presentations, so you might want to visit. - Opening hours 10am to 2pm

A recent TripAdvisor review said

"This is a hidden gem, but it can be visited either by car or by foot from the airport terminal and it is well worth the visit.The museum is situated in what was the first passenger terminal at the airport and the permanent exhibition shows the story of the developement of air travel in the canary islands as well as the development of Lanzarote Airport itself.The lady on duty at reception took the time to show us around and answer questions.If you have an interest in either aviation or the history of Lanzarote you will love this place."

Lanzarote airport prior to 1970

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