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Best place for coffee, cake and ................


A few days ago we spoke about buying the Goats cheese from the local farm and having with some fresh bread

Two minutes by car from Villa Antonio is Jonnie Bakes, where besides great coffee,cakes and savouries -

Jonnie Bakes Teguise

they make fresh bread daily and I mean daily - you have to go early to get some, they open at 9:30am and it is always sold out!

Our favourite is the Olive bread but they bake all types of bread, it is at it's best when it is hot and is a perfect compliment to the Goats Cheese!

The place is owned by Jonnie and Anton, who do all the baking themselves ( they do not employ any bakers) - in the picture you can see Anton running back inside ...... he does like his photo taken!

Villa Antonio Lanzarote accepts credit cards
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