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Lanzarote Blog - Teguise, the old capital (Part 1)

Teguise is one of the seven municipalities that the island of Lanzarote is divided into today, and it is without a doubt the one that enjoys the richest his- tory and traditions. Lanzarote was the first island in the Canary Islands archipelago to be explored by European seafarers, probably because it is the northernmost of the islands and the closest to the continent.

Between 1320 and 1339, the Italian seafarer Lancelotto Malocello arrived at Lanzarote and gave it his name.

In 1402, the Frenchman Jean de Béthencourt arrived and defeated Guadarfía, the Guanche king, or Mencey, of the island. And so Lanzarote became the first annexed island of the Kingdom of Castile, coming under its rule

You can learn more from our free guide which can be found via link below

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Part 2 about Teguise will be published in the next couple of days !

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