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Holiday Booking sites - What you need to know!

Owners Direct service fee

The market is changing, everything is moving on line, here is what is happening in the background in relation to charges: Airbnb: Guest - 10-15% Owner - 3% If you rent a property at a £1000 for a week, They will carge the owner £30 and will charge the holidaymaker up to an additional £150 for the week. There is no owner subscription option available HolidayLettings /FlipKey A Trip Advisor company Guest - 10-17% Owner - 3% This means you could be paying an extra £170 for a £1000 holiday. HolidayLettings /FlipKey owners can also advertise on a subscription basis where you should pay no extras but is is not clear which owners are which. Note: For information Villa Antonio is advertised on FlipKey on a subscription basis, we no longer advertise on HolidayLettings as they are trying to move owners onto a commission basis and have increased the subscription cost by 200% Guest - Nothing Owner - 15-18% You may think you will not be charged extra using however that is not correct totally ….. Owners will be charged up to 18% of each stay booked and many owners will add this onto the price that they would normally charge if you booked direct. Now you could be paying an extra £180 for your week. All holidays booked are charged a commission. HouseTrip Guest - 10-21% Owner - 3% You could very easily be charged £210 extra when booking through Housetrip. HomeAway/Owners Direct/VRBO etc Now owned by Expedia Expedia also own Abritel (French), FeWo-Direct (German). All the web sites have now been updated to look the same and to charge the same fees which is marketed as a "service fee" to the holidaymaker if they book online rather than direct. The fees via OD/HA/VRBO etc are: Guest - 4-11% service fee if booked online via there website. Nothing if booked direct with the owner but the company is actively discouraging direct contract and removing links to owner websites. They would like all bookings to be made via their website/portal so they can add the service fee and may force all owners to sign up for this in the near future. Owner - 8% if on a commission listing Owner - Nothing if on a subscription listing (although the guests may believe that the service fee is being charged by the owner - it is charged by OD/HA/VRBO (Expedia) etc)- who are making record profits , so they like this new business model Again, the owner may pass some or all of this 8% charge onto the guest Note: Villa Antonio is advertised on Owners Direct on a subscription basis, allowing us to deal direct and avoid the “service fee” for guests, however this means we are shown at the bottom of the search results In summary We much prefer to deal direct and we hope after reading the above you understand why

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